Concrete Washout Containers

Save the environment and comply with the law by properly disposing of concrete washout waste.  Our unique concrete washout containers are water proof and allow concrete trucks to properly dispose of the washout.  We then pump off the liquid and properly dispose of the solid materials remaining.  These unique containers are an Easy-Haul exclusive in our area and offer an affordable and convenient way to comply with regulations.  

Pricing is based on container rental and pumping requirements.  Please contact us for a no hidden fees quote.  Billing accounts can established upon completion of our short Credit Application

Suggested Uses

● Construction Concrete

● Residential Construction

● Commercial Construction

● Slab Pouring

● Landscaping Projects

Specifically for concrete trucks to washout, saving envrionment and complying with regulations.

Concrete Washout Containers

More Info: 251-929-2133

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