Frequent Questions

Below is a list of Frequent Questions our customers often ask about our services.  Please feel free to contact us with any additional questions you might have.

Q. Why should I rent a roll-off waste container?
A. There are many benefits to having a container on your job site.  Subcontractors are more likely to dispose of their waste as it is generated with a container on site.  A cleaner job site is a safer job site and it makes a better impression upon visitors.  Plus, keeping the job site clean means you don’t have to scrape away precious top soil to cleanup at the end of the job.

Q. How long can I keep the waste container?
A. You are allowed to keep the container for as long as you need it for your project.  If the container is not dumped within 30 days, we will arrange a modest inactivity fee.

Q. What geographical areas do you service?
A. We cover all of Mobile County and Baldwin County as well as outlying areas. Please see our service area list for more details.

Q. Do you charge a fuel surcharge fee or other add-on fees?
A. Depending on the current diesel pricing, we may charge a fuel surcharge. We will disclose the fee up front and there will be no hidden fees. We charge on a simple per dump basis.

Q. What materials can be placed in the waste container?
A. Most any material can be placed in the open top waste containers with a few very important exceptions.  The landfills do not accept any type of hazardous material.  Examples of unacceptable materials include: paint(dry cans acceptable), household food garbage, medical waste, refrigerants, tires, hazardous materials or chemicals and batteries.

Q. Do you haul concrete or dirt in your waste containers?
A. Concrete and dirt are especially heavy and present risk of damage to equipment and people.  We do haul concrete and dirt but we use special heavy duty containers designed for this purpose.  If you plan to discard concrete or dirt, you must contact us to pre-arrange special pricing and containers.

Q. What size container do I need?
A. Container sizes are based on cubic yards.  Give us a call and we will help you determine the right container for your project.

Q. What do you do with the waste?
A. Easy-Haul Inc. is very concerned about protecting the environment and keeping our community clean.  We only dump waste at licensed landfills designated for the type of waste being hauled.  During transport, all loads are covered using our hydraulic tarping systems.

Q. Is your company insured and licensed?
A. Yes.  We carry truck, liability and workman’s comp insurance.  In addition, we are licensed in all cities in which we operate.

Q. Do you guarantee your storage containers to be leak proof?
A. No.  While we make every effort to insure our storage containers do not leak, we cannot be responsible for any damage to the contents for any reason.

Q. How do you keep track of all those containers, your trucks and the maintenance?  
A. At Easy-Haul we value personal customer service.  When you call there won’t be an automated menu for you to maze your way through.  However, we utilized advanced computer software for the operations such as accounting, dispatch and maintenance management.  For maintenance management, we use equipment maintenance software.

If your question does not appear in our Frequent Questions, please contact us for any additional questions you might have.

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